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English dictionary- ,,B”

Litera ,,B”

Babe – a young child: an infant.

Baby– a young child: an infant.

Bachelor– a man who is not married.

Back– to come back means to return. The rear part of anything.

Backward – not clever, slow; towards the back.

Bacon –  the flesh of the pig made ready to eat by salting.

Bad – not good, evil, rotten.

Badge – a special sing pinned or stitched to the clthes to show that we belong to a school or team.

Badger – a grey-haired animal which burrows in the ground.

Badly – seriously, badly hurt, greatly. Ex. I need it badly.

Baffle – to puzzle.


English dictionary- ,,A”

Litera ,,A”

Abandon– to leave.

Ex. The sailors abandoned the sinking ship.

Abbey– a church: a place where monks may live.

Abbot– the head in an abbey.

Abbreviation– a shortened word. Ex. Mr. (Mister); Rd. (Road).

Abide– to dwell: to stay.

Ability – being able to do things.

Ablaze – on fire.

Able –  clever. Ex. John is able to swim. It means: John can swim.

Aboard –  on a ship.

Abode – a house: a place to live.

Abolish – to destroy.

Abound –  to have very many. Ex. Fish abound in the sea.

Above– over, higher than.

Abreast– one beside the other. Ex. We walk into scholl two abreast.

Abroad– a long way away: in another country.

Abrupt– very quick: sudden. Ex. The story ended abruptly.

Abscess– a painful boil.

Absent– not here: not present. Ex. John`s absence from school was caused by illness.

Absolutely – quite: completely. Ex. I am absolutely sure.

Absurd – foolish: stupid:silly.

Abundance – plenty, a supply that is more than enough.

Abundant – plentiful.

Accent – the way we speak. Ex. He spoke with a foreing accent.

Accept – to receive something which is offered or given.

Accident – something unpleasant that happens without warning.

Accompany – to go with.