Limba engleza: Exercitii cu fraze conditionale

Exercitii cu fraze conditionale

  1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, tinând seama de faptul ca fraza conditionala este de tipul 1:
  2. If I see him, I (greet) him.
  3. If you don’t hurry, you (be) late.
  4. If she finds out what has happened, she (be) very angry.
  5. I (lend) you the book if you promise to return it in time.
  6. If I tell you something, you (promise) to keep it a secret?
  7. Unless you study more, you (not pass) the exam.
  8. If it (go on) raining, we shall have floods.
  9. If you (take) a dog, you will have to look after it.
  10. If I like the dress, I (buy) it.
  11. Unless you come at 6, you (not find) me at home.
  12. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, tinând seama de faptul ca fraza conditionala este de tipul 2:
  13. If I (know) his phone-number, I would ring him up.
  14. If I (move) to the country-side, would you visit me?
  15. You (buy) this house if you had money?
  16. If he were more careful, he (not make) so many mistakes.
  17. What would you do if you (be) Prime Minister?
  18. If I (give up) smoking, I would be nervous.
  19. If I won the lottery, I (buy) a car.
  20. Should he have a headache, he (take) a pill.
  21. Were I in your place, I (not do) this.
  22. Where you (go) if you had a holiday?
  23. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, tinând seama de faptul ca fraza conditionala este de tipul 3:
  24. If you had known English, you (read) Shakespeare in the original.
  25. If I (work) harder, I would have succeeded.
  26. If you had taken my advice, you (not get) into trouble.
  27. If I (know) you had no driving licence, I wouldn’t have come with you in your car.
  28. He would have been arrested if he (try) to leave the country.
  29. I wouldn’t have come unless you (invite) me.
  30. Had I learned English grammar, I (not make) so many mistakes in my translation.
  31. If he (realize) it was so late, he would have gone home.
  32. If I (not tell) him, he would never have known.
  33. Had I been at home, I (answer) the phone.
  34. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, tinând seama ca se poate intâlni oricare dintre cele 3 tipuri de fraze conditionale:
  35. It (be) better if you had waited.
  36. If I (be) you, I would go home immediately.
  37. I (answer) your question if I can.
  38. He (tell) you if you had asked him.
  39. If you (drive) more carefully, you wouldn’t have an accident.
  40. If the child is good, he (get) a bar of chocolate.
  41. He will be at the airport in time if he (leave) now.
  42. If I (see) him, I would speak to him.
  43. If he had written a letter to me, I (answer) it.
  44. You (be) sick if you eat so much.
  45. Traduceti in limba engleza:
  46. Daca va ploua, strazile vor fi ude.
  47. Daca ar ploua, strazile ar fi ude.
  48. Daca ar fi plouat, strazile ar fi fost ude.
  49. Vei prinde trenul daca vei lua un taxi.
  50. Ai fi prins trenul daca ai fi luat un taxi.
  51. Ai prinde trenul daca ai lua un taxi.
  52. Te vei supara daca iti voi lua creionul?
  53. Te-ai supara daca ti-as lua creionul?
  54. Te-ai fi suparat daca ti-as fi luat creionul?
  55. Ce vei face daca il vei intâlni pe John?
  56. Ce-ai face daca l-ai intâlni pe John?
  57. Ce-ai fi facut daca l-ai fi intâlnit pe John?
  58. Traduceti in limba engleza:
  59. Il vei vedea daca il vei astepta.
  60. Daca un cersetor ti-ar cere bani, I-ai da?
  61. Ce s-ar fi intâmplat daca ai fi condus cu viteza mare?
  62. Nu vom merge la plimbare daca nu va sta ploaia.
  63. Mi-ar placea mai mult piesa daca ar fi mai scurta.
  64. Daca cina nu va fi gata la timp, voi mânca la un restaurant.
  65. Daca n-ai fi inchis fereastra, mi-ar fi fost frig.
  66. As mai croseta un pulover daca as mai avea lâna.
  67. Mamaia ar fi un loc ideal pentru o vacanta daca n-ar fi atât de multi oameni acolo.
  68. Voi fi dezamagit daca nu voi afla adevarul.

Daca nu ati reusit sa le rezolvati, va astept intrebarile si nelamuririle.



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